SlicingDice's Founder on what really matters

Check this video from SlicingDice's Founder & CEO describing what really matter for companies and why selecting SlicingDice is the right decision to make.

Side by side feature comparison

Not a marketing comparison. A fair technical comparison.



Free data storage

Simple & clear pricing

Always-free testing

No up-front commitment

No contract lock-in

Pricing Models

Pay per columns

Pay for servers

Pay for storage space

Pay extra for each query

Pay for network transfer

Free premium support


No server admin. needed

Built-in replication

Automatic backup

Built-in high availability

No maintenance needed

Easy capacity increase

Easy to move out

Inserting Data

Insert data using REST API

Built-in data loading (ETL)

Streaming inserts

High Insertion throughput

No data partition needed

Data update support

Schema flexibility

Encoded data storage

Column-level insertion

Querying Data

Query speed SLA

SQL support


ODBC / JDBC Driver

Column-level query access

JOIN support

Saved queries

Configurable query cache
































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