What is SlicingDice?
SlicingDice provides an all-in-one cloud-based data solution that is very easy to use, fast and cost-effective, for any data challenge, that you don't need to spend time configuring, tuning and managing. Learn more
How it can be so fast and yet so cheap?
We have our own innovative compression technology. Data compression is one of the parts where our developers have put a huge amount of time and effort. Because of that, it’s common for us to see compression ratio between 1/10 and even 1/30 of the original data size when inserting it on S1Search. There is no magic about what we do and the logic is pretty straightforward: as we can store our customer's data using just a fraction of its original size, it cost us much less than any other solution, so we can be much more aggressive on pricing. Due the economy of scale, the more customers we get, more S1Search servers we add, making our average storage cost even lower, consequently allowing us to decrease our prices.
What do you mean by All-in-One Data Solution?
We have built-in Data Load & Sync Module and Built-in Data Visualization Module (and soon other modules, like Machine Learning and BI) that are powerful enough that users do not need to hire other solutions. We mean that we can be the only vendor they need to hire to manage their data.
How can I load my Data to SlicingDice?
Through our Data Load & Sync module or via API or SQL commands. Check more info here.
What is the Data Visualization (Data Viz) module?
A powerful module that enables users to analyze and create charts, dashboards and reports using data stored in their SlicingDice databases. Check our data visualization doc's page
How can you assure my data is secure?
We comply with some of the highest security standards and regulations. Since we built our database from the ground up, we have a proprietary encoding that makes it harder for outsiders to affect our code or client data. Also, we have a tight infrastructure security and store data redundantly in three very secure datacenters in different locations (Canada, France and Germany).
How does your pricing work?
We have two pricing plans - USD 2,50 per column or USD 0,25 per gigabyte stored. We don't charge for anything else - you can query and work with your data as much as you need. Read more about it by clicking here.
What pricing model is a better fit for my use case?
If you have a lot of columns on your database, you should go with gigabyte. Otherwise, you should try pay-per-column. If you still don't know which one is better, you can call us anytime. (links para pg de pricing e para agendamento de call)
How these data insertion and query load plans work?
You are limited to 600 inserts and 60 queries every minute (meaning you have to wait a bit if you exceed those quantities). You can hire higher plan to exceed those quantities, if needed. Click here to know more.
How often would your technical team be available for support?
Almost 24/7. Anytime you talk to us, we gonna be available.
How does SlicingDice's control panel work?
The control panel allow you to perform anything you need to do within SlicingDice. Our docs show real life examples using our control panel. Click here to read our docs.
What is a loading job?
After creating a Data Source you need to create a Loading Job to connect to a Data Source and map the data from the data source to a SlicingDice's database. When you start the loading job is when the data from your data source starts to flow to your SlicingDice's database.
How can I add a data source to SlicingDice?
Inside the Control Panel, you can use the Data Loading & Sync module to add new data sources. Right now we have more than 150 options of data sources that you can use. Some examples are: Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Google Bigquery, MySQL, Google Analytics, and so on.