Logical Data Warehouse

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to perform fast queries using data directly from sources, without having to worry about it’s physical storage? You wouldn't have to worry about new ETL scripts or ETL processing sucking up your teams' availability and your money anymore. You would avoid workload deviation to technical tasks and focus on implementing more innovation and business insights using data.

Well, that can be achieved today with the use of Data Virtualization, which is enabled by a Logical Data Warehouse. It is a layer able to read data directly from sources and provide the fastest possible way to perform analytics, without having to move data to the Data Warehouse.


SlicingDice's Logical Data Warehouse

With SlicingDice's Logical Data Warehouse you can choose to analyze data directly from sources, being able to also leverage our built-in tools for data integration, exploration, visualization and intelligence. With the push of a button, you can also ingest data from sources into our data warehouse, where we can guarantee the best performance in the market. With this, SlicingDice takes analytics to a higher level, enabling you to transform data into value seamlessly, without worrying about physical data allocation.

This powerful combo allows organizations to have the best of both worlds, logical and physical data warehouses, saving the most precious resource of all - time - without sacrificing any analytics potential or the simplicity of employing SlicingDice. This increases efficiency in data-driven decision-making and greatly increases value delivered by products with embedded analytics, effectively increasing your revenue.

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SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's Logical Data Warehouse immediately.

Effortless data integration.

Connect to 150+ different sources with our load & sync module. Automatically or manually ingest data. All with a few clicks.

Data Virtualization.

Our Logical Data Warehouse layer enables instant analytics, straight from data sources. Move data to storage with a single click.

Fully integrated with the physical Data Warehouse.

Analyze data straight from the sources or store it in SlicingDice for maximum performance. Choose with a single click.

Affordable and predictable pricing.

Our pricing models are simple to understand and predict. They have a lot of fixed rates, so they scale slower than your growth.

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