Load, access and edit all your data using Excel.

It's a fact that business people are used to Microsoft Excel for reporting and information analysis within organizations, so why disrupt it? Wouldn't be better if you could find a solution that could work around all Excel limitations but still provide all the same experience to business users?

This is exactly what SlicingDice's Excel Add-on is about. It allows you to load to Excel sheets any data you have stored on your SlicingDice databases. You can also configure the add-on to permit data edition, so any change you make on the data would be automatically applied on your SlicingDice database.

Many of our customers take advantage of the SlicingDice's Excel Add-on flexibility to use for data cleansing, data wrangling, data transformation and preparation.

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SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice.

No dramatic workflow changes.

Organizations very used to excel can have a smooth data transformation, by transforming excel in a real time, shared data table.

Ensure data transparency and collaboration.

Our robust excel plugin can be used to insert and update data and even to make queries. Make sure the whole organization is on the same page.

Fully managed.

Don’t worry about integration, maintenance, backups, sharding, partitioning or any configuration. Focus on leveraging your data.

Up to date information in front of all the right people.

Data can be instantly viewed and shared with key people in a format that’s well known to most - excel spreadsheets.

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