Why innovative data-driven organizations choose SlicingDice?

Who is SlicingDice for?

Organizations that need to establish a company-wide data-driven culture to make better and quicker decisions, improving business processes and profitability, but that are struggling due to complex, expensive or outdated technologies, and want a solution that is powerful yet simple enough for everyone to actually use it.

How is SlicingDice used?

The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice is a single cloud-based data solution that provides all the fundamental tools used by technical and business people to transform companies' raw data into insightful business-oriented decisions, at a single cost-effective price and that can be implemented in days.

How is SlicingDice different?

Unlike typical data warehouses that require additional suppliers to provide the full data solution, causing overbudgeted, frustrating and never-ending projects, SlicingDice is fully managed, highly available and secure by design, with optional built-in tools for data integration, exploration, visualization and intelligence. Unbeatable price.

Too many suppliers and tools? Too much chaos?


With SlicingDice, all data tools are in one place

Four fundamental tools in one. No more getting lost with complex or outdated technologies.

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Physical and Logical Data Warehouse

Built from zero database technology that is SQL, NoSQL & NewSQL at the same time. Runs on Amazon, Google, Azure, Alibaba and other clouds. Provides a logical data warehouse for you to query data directly from your sources, and the physical one to consolidate and centralize data whenever you want.

Completely replaces:

SlicingDice Data Loading from Redshift
SlicingDice Data Loading from BigQuery
SlicingDice Data Loading from MariaDB


Data Loading & Preparation

Built-in ETL tool with over 150 native data sources integrations. Make transformations and build data pipelines using SQL. ETL job performance, scalability and monitoring is all automatically handled by SlicingDice.

Completely replaces:

SlicingDice Data Loading from BigQuery
SlicingDice Data Loading from Redshift
SlicingDice Data Loading from MongoDB
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User-friendly BI, Reporting & Dashboard

Powerful user-friendly BI and dashboard creation tool that business users can learn in minutes. Embed any work using an iframe code. Maintain data governance with column and row-level access control. Prefer your existing BI tools? No worries, use our JDBC and ODBC drivers or the Excel Add-on.

Provides 90% of the features offered by:

SlicingDice Data Loading from MongoDB
SlicingDice Data Loading from Redshift
SlicingDice Data Loading from BigQuery


Machine Learning & Data Science

Built-in Machine Learning framework powered by BigML, totally integrated with the data stack. Zero infrastructure configuration and monitoring. No need to move data. Run Classification, Regression, Time-series Forecasting, Cluster Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Association Discovery and Topic Modeling.

Completely replaces:

SlicingDice Data Loading from MongoDB
SlicingDice Data Loading from BigQuery
SlicingDice Data Loading from Redshift
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SlicingDice's Top 5 business advantages

  • Establish an organization-wide data-driven culture in a fraction of the time.
  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive and complex integrations among multiple solutions.
  • A single support team to call if something goes wrong with your entire data pipeline.
  • Easily and quickly define “who sees what” on all your data. Change at any time.
  • Increase your business insights by freeing your team from database management.

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SlicingDice's Top 5 technical advantages

  • Public SLA of 10-second query times, no matter the query complexity or data size.
  • Runs on the cloud of your choice, Amazon, Google, Azure, Alibaba and others.
  • Every data task in a single platform with literally ZERO configuration, management and tuning.
  • Real-time time-series (event) data insertion. From few millions to billions of events per day.
  • Full integration flexibility. You can do everything through standard SQL or our API.

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Loved by organizations of all sizes

Join thousands of satisfied customers using SlicingDice globally.

Their customer support is simply amazing. We had problems and they immediately jumped on a video chat with me to explain what I was doing wrong.

Chris Mcintyre

We were impressed with their query speed. We moved from Redshift, that was already fast, but that brought our team a lot of management headaches.

Diego Flores

They told me I could have an embedded analytics solution up and running within 2 hours. I challenged them and I'm happy to say they won.

Sara Miller
SlicingDice is a Disruptive Innovation on the data market!

Disruptive innovations. These are innovations that are less expensive and simpler than existing products on the market. Disruptive innovations are often targeted at customers for whom products on the market are either too complicated or too expensive.

Clayton Christensen Professor at Harvard Business School and writer of the bestseller "The Innovator's Dilemma".

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