The simplest and cheapest price ever - Totally pay-per-use

Our monthly price is simply based on how many columns you need to store your data.

Remember, you'll never have to pay anything to test SlicingDice. Use our demo API Keys.

Attribute Columns

Column to store any data not associated to a date/time.
Example: storing the value Male for the Gender column or the value Toyota for the Car Brand column. In this case both columns and its values are not associated to a specific date/time.

Event Columns

Column to store data that is associated to a date/time.
Example: storing the value Add to Cart on the date/time 2016-06-01T12:54:12Z for the Click event column. In this case it's important to know when the Add to Cart event happened.

Unlimited and free data volume

That’s right, store as much data (values/rows) as you need without increasing costs, as you are only charged by the number of columns (attributes and events) you have, not by the volume of data you insert on your columns. Amazing, right?

We believe you shouldn't be punished financially just because you collect and analyze lots of data.

Our (Amazing) Prices

Monthly price = number of Attribute Columns + Event Columns (by data retention time) + Query Load.

($ 15.50 = 2 attribute columns ($ 3.00) + 10 event columns (30 days data retention) ($ 2.50) + small load ($ 10.00))

Attribute Columns - Price per column
Price per column, per month:
From 1 to 500 Attribute Columns
More than 500 Attribute Columns
Event Columns - Price per column, based on data retention
Price per column, per month:
30 days
data retention
90 days
data retention
Event Columns - Price per column per month
Cost per column, per month:
180 days
data retention
data retention

Query Load - Monthly Price
Monthly Price:
Tiny Load
Up to 60 Queries per Minute
Small Load
From 60 to 300 QPM
Query Load - Total Monthly Price
Cost per column, per month:
Medium Load
From 300 to 600 QPM
High Load
From 600 to 1,200 QPM

See a monthly price example below.

User Name State Clicks
UUID-01 Jeff NY Add to Cart (2016-04-01)
Pay Now (2016-04-02)
Support (2016-04-05)
UUID-02 Michelle CA
UUID-03 Larry CO
UUID-04 Paul NY Pay Now (2016-04-30)
UUID-05 Anna DC Support (2016-04-08)
Pay Now (2016-04-15)

Suppose you have this data on the left. As you can see, the Clicks column is storing event data, and other columns are simply storing attributes, like Name and State.

In order to know how much your monthly bill is going to be, you simply need to count how many attribute columns (two in this case, Name and State) and event columns (just one, Clicks) you need to store your data. Also, for the event columns, you should consider for how long you need the event data to be available for querying, as it will define the unitary cost for each event column.

Remember: The amount of data (values/rows) you insert for each column (attributes or events) will NOT impact on your cost.

Try it yourself - Monthly price calculator

Attribute Columns (like Name and State) + Event Columns (like Clicks) with data retention
(1 attribute column(s) × US$ per column) + (1 event column(s) × US$ per column)
+ Query Load (US$ 0.00 per month)
= US$ per month, for unlimited values/rows storage.

We are fully committed to speed and quality

If any of your queries takes longer than 10 seconds to complete, no matter its complexity, you automatically receive 10¢ discount each time on your account.
If your query is slow we believe it’s our responsibility, not yours.

Competitors price comparison

We tried our best to make a fair comparison across all our competitors, but keep in mind we probably made some mistakes here due to over simplification.


10 Event Columns with unlimited data retention time, storing UNLIMITED amount of data/events (for example, 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion events...), costs you only $ 30.00 per month.

If you send just 15,000,000 events per month, it will cost you at least $ 150.00 per month plus costs for each query processed, $ 1.00 for each API key and other things.



The smallest ElasticSearch Cloud plan with full cross datacenter replication and 24 GB storage for you to store your data (enough for 1,000,000 unique entities and 10,000,00 events for 30 days), costs you $ 125.00 per month and you still need to configure and manage it yourself.


AWS Redshift

A single node of the smallest instance (dc1.large without redundancy) would cost you around $ 180.00 per month, and as ElasticSearch you still need to configure and manage it yourself.


Google BigQuery

Sorry, we couldn't find an easy way to compare the pricing. It's really difficult to compare against SlicingDice’s pricing, since BigQuery charges based on data storage and the amount of data processed for each query. Anyway, this can end up being really expensive if you want to actually analyze your data.


Free for academic usage

We believe that education and research contribute to a better world. In fact, we could only build our technology because of the amazing scientific papers and research out there. Do you want to use SlicingDice for academic purposes? That’s awesome! Just contact us and we will be glad to help you.